The Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with the ships of the NATO groups in the Black Sea, conducted training such as PASSEX

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In the Black Sea water area, the ships of the Standing Naval Group No. 2 (SNMG2) and NATO Standing Mine Naval Group No. 2 (SNMCMG2) conducted a joint training of the PASSEX type with ships and boats of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The purpose of the maneuvers is to increase interoperability, to work out the interaction in the composition of multinational tactical connections and methods of using tactical tactical groups, to carry out joint anti-missile actions in accordance with NATO standards.

Three tactical teams – multipurpose ships, minting ships and artillery boats participated in the training. PASSEX began with the tactical maneuvering of all involved forces. Further, the frigates DE RUYTER of the Royal Navy of the Netherlands, REGELE FERDINAND, MS of Romania, FATIH of the Turkish navy and Hetman Sagaidachny, ‘,’ Berdyansk ‘,’ Vyshgorod ‘,’ Kremenchuk ‘and’ Lubny ‘. The purpose of the first was the reflection of small-scale high-speed targets, and the other – the simulation of artillery strikes on the militant group of multi-purpose ships.

During the training mine minesweepers ‘LUPU DINESCU’ MS of Romania, ‘ANAMUR’ of the Navy of the Turkish Republic and the ‘Henichesk’ raid trawler of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out the search and identification of anchor and land mines (simulators), and diving groups – their inspection. Auxiliary vessel ‘RHEIN’ of the Federal Reserve of the Federal Republic of Germany and the sea diving vessel ‘Pochaiv’ of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have fulfilled the search for identified mines. The action also involved a helicopter from the frigate ‘DE RUYTER’, which carried out elements of tactical maneuvering.

Press center of the Navy Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Photo – NATO Maritime Command

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