C4ISR how to enable capacity

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How to defeat the great Soviet army as a small Ukrainian army?

CSA for the C4ISR system
Strategic Goal 1: Joint Defense Forces Leadership, implemented in accordance with the principles and standards adopted by NATO member states.
Operational goal 1.4: Creating an effective system of operational (combat) management, communication, intelligence and surveillance (C4ISR)
PMBOK: System = a set of integrated and regularly interacting or interconnected elements created to achieve a specific goal.
What is C4ISR?
C4 = Command and Control (C2)
– Communications
– Computers
– Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance.

Not the name of the IT system – the architecture and concept of the interaction of components.

The purpose of the C4ISR system
Achieve information advantage over an opponent, which transforms into depressing military power by combining intelligent objects into a single combat space.
– Data networks must always be available
– Sensors are rammed and united to see the situation faster than the enemy
– Situational awareness is quickly available to understand the situation faster than the enemy
– Management and control are combined to make decisions faster than the enemy
– The use of force is coordinated to defeat the enemy decisively

– Enables the doctrine of network-centered operations:
FBI is the main operative doctrine of all NATO countries (the latest example is Iraqi Freedom)
– Management even in case of destruction of control points
– The fastest way to ensure compatibility of the Armed Forces with NATO standards
– The advantage of the ICO units is up to 30 times compared to the classical units (RAND Report on SBCT)
– Reduced expenditures on shells up to 20 times
– Reducing combat losses up to 10 times
– A catalyst for changes in the forces of defense
– The Enemy is experimenting with ICOs from 2012

Components of the C4ISR system

Opportunities For Mission Implementation

Updated military doctrine:
– I take into account the principles of network centricity
– Interaction of all components of the units, which is built into the battle rhythm
– Orders that are provided in the form of tasks rather than detailed instructions
– Integration of C4ISR components into all levels of decision-making

– Prepared and able to make decisions dynamically
– Are confident in their abilities and possibilities
– Able to adapt to the circumstances

– Trained in collective decision making between different levels of management

– Soldiers and officers trained in collective decision-making

– A thorough understanding of the principles of interaction
– Study and ability to apply BMS
– Comprehensive approach to decision making

Organization of troops:
– Joint management and decision making structure (J-structure)
– Integration of C4ISR units at all levels of management
– Integration of military and military intelligence at all levels of management
– Optimization of the number of troops according to the possibilities of providing

– The only combat space
– Combat Control Software (BMS)

– Data transmission networks at all levels of management
– Satellite, shortwave and tropospheric communication
– Mobility of firearms
– The network of military vehicles

Combat space

The role of the State in the development of C4ISR
– Definition of open architecture and standardized interfaces
> DoD AF v 2.02
> NATO Standards (including MIP, ADEM etc.)
– The requirement of modularity, and not monolithic ‘single’ systems
– Organic interweaving of cybersecurity
– Organization of collective space
– Creating a culture of interaction for a common result, rather than ‘closed boxes’
– Clear formulation of a functional task

Purpose – the property of the State should be a holistic architecture,
not a set of ‘secret’ own systems

Tasks for the C4ISR system
– The budget is very limited
– What are the alternatives to using the budget?
– Who is the customer?
– What should be the concrete result?
– What is the functional content?
– What types of missions should be made possible?
– What should be available analytics?
– What are the sensors?
– What are the communication capabilities?
– What devices?
– What is the task for the formation of combat space?

Tactics of simple steps
– Filling and distribution of combat space
– Production of three-dimensional model of terrain in high risk areas
– Coverage of high-risk areas by CCTV cameras and combining cameras into a single C4ISR network
– Connection of various sensors
– Connect all existing processor devices
– Developing a secure approach to authorization and exchange of information
– Integration of all unmanned systems, radars, and other sensors into a single C4ISR network.
– Creating a Single Common Operating Picture (COP)
– Creating the basis and outline of a single architecture