The final press briefing of the Sea Breeze 2020 training took place by telephone

27 Jul 2020 ID:7297 Переглядів:6,493

The final press briefing of the Sea Breeze 2020 training took place today by phone. During the briefing, the participants summed up the training and answered questions from journalists.

The speakers stressed that despite the change in the format of training to the contactless form, the main goal remained unchanged – to increase security in the Black Sea region. According to the head of the Sea Breeze 2020 exercise on the Ukrainian side, Captain 1st Rank Oleksiy Doskato, the commanders, staffs and crews demonstrated coordinated actions in strict compliance with the norms of international maritime law.

– We have successfully completed training in tactical maneuvering, anti-submarine, anti-aircraft and anti-ship defense with practical artillery fire, search and rescue at sea and interception operations, replenishment at sea – said the head of training from the Ukrainian side.

Also during the briefing, it was noted that the Navy gained relevant experience in interactive planning and management of multinational forces, which showed a high level of interaction and compatibility with foreign partners.

In total, ship-boat groups have completed more than 90 ship combat exercises. The total number of miles traveled is approaching one and a half thousand. The aircraft performed about 40 flights with a total air time of more than 43 hours. The parties thanked each other for their work and said goodbye to the next Sea Breeze, which will be planned this fall.

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