As Ukrainians study English at the Polish Naval Academy

19 Sep 2019 ID:5040 Переглядів:542

On the basis of the Naval Academy of the Polish Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland in Gdynia started training in English language training for representatives of the Naval Institute of the National University “Odessa Naval Academy”.

The training is conducted in accordance with the NATO Program for the Advancement of Military Education (DEEP). Linguistic training is carried out both according to the classical scheme and using modern interactive technologies.

– The English language features and course syllabus are based on common approaches in NATO countries. First of all, it is a colloquial practice, correspondence both formal and informal (ie correspondence between friends and relatives), grammar and listening, that is, the perception of hearing information with its analysis. Another feature of the training is the round-the-clock ability to access online resources and course materials online, – says Vyacheslav Sapiga, Assistant Professor of Naval Energy and Power Systems, Navy Institute of Naval Energy and Power Systems.

In addition, it is important that the language training of the personnel is carried out taking into account naval topics.

Upon completion of the course, students will be certified in English at the STANAG-6001 standard. It should be added that representatives of the Navy Institute are not the first to study English directly abroad in NATO member countries. Prior to this, similar courses were conducted in Bulgaria and the USA.

Recall that the DEEP program has been successfully implemented at the Navy Institute since 2014. It is worth saying that the intensity of joint activities is increasing every year. If there were 15 activities under this program implemented in 2014-2015, more than 30 such activities are planned to take place in 2019, which will involve both cadets and naval faculty. This is a testament to the high-quality cooperation and engagement with NATO military training institutions.

Vitaliy Panchyshyn, ArmyInform