The Ukrainian Navy needs modern mine protection tools

19 Dec 2019 ID:5572 Переглядів:343

In Odessa, the Italians presented their current developments in the search for, classification and destruction of mine objects on the seabed to the Navy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
According to an officer of the anti-submarine anti-submarine and anti-sabotage support group of the Ukrainian Navy, Captain of the 2nd rank Andriy Bilan, due to the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, Ukraine has lost most of the trawlers, so today there is an urgent issue of mine security of territorial waters of the state. In view of the Russian aggression, there is a real possibility of blockade of Ukrainian ports by mine barriers in places under the control of the Ukrainian Navy.
The officer said that the issue of choosing a supplier company to search for, detect and neutralize enemy mines to provide military and civilian navigation in the Azov and Black Sea waters at ports and on recommended international maritime routes was being considered. So far, proposals from Germany and France have been considered. Based on the proposed contracts and expert evaluation, a decision will be made to purchase the necessary funds for the Ukrainian Navy.