Navy tests will test for strength, speed and endurance

15 Aug 2019 ID:4605 Переглядів:565

The Naval Forces Training Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine checked the physical fitness of the personnel. The event was initiated by the leadership of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and representatives suggested control over the city.
The special staff at the center showed the high level of physical work required for every broad hearing and the use of naval forces that have a physical tone.
– The issue of physical fitness of personnel is given constant attention, and then the sports base of the Training Center base is one of the priorities, – added the initial center Captain 1 rank Shagen Shaivolodyan. – The task of our center is the professional training of military personnel, but when they study, I have to meet the proper level.

Dmitry Zavutonov, ArmyInform