The Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted PASSEX-type training together with the NATO Mine Action Group

9 Nov 2020 ID:7931 Переглядів:25,631

In the north-western part of the Black Sea, joint PASSEX-type exercises took place with the participation of the Ukrainian Navy and the NATO Permanent Mine Action Group №2 (SNMCMG2). The purpose of the training was to test the interaction of multinational tactical units in accordance with NATO standards and increase the level of interoperability.

During the joint maneuvers on the high seas, the ships of the Navy of Ukraine, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, performed a number of tasks to increase interoperability in accordance with the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance. The main attention was paid to improving the skills and actions of ship crews during the tasks in the ship-boat groups. Following the meeting of the ships at the planned point and visual identification, a number of joint ship exercises were carried out by NATO member and partner forces, including “trawling”, “towing a damaged ship”, group tactical maneuvering, etc.
Joint tasks and training with US and NATO warships – allow the Ukrainian Navy to be compatible and ready to stand together to defend security, stability and peace in the Black Sea region.

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