The Naval Forces of Ukraine conducted interdepartmental and interspecific training to respond to crises at sea

16 Jul 2020 ID:7129 Переглядів:7,329

In the Black Sea, interdepartmental and interspecific training of ship-boat tactical groups of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was conducted in cooperation with units of the Marines, Marines and Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The purpose of the training was to test the forces and means involved in the tasks of strengthening the protection and defense of important maritime objects, as well as to establish cooperation during the joint implementation of tasks.

– During the training, the units increased their capacity to organize interaction in crisis response with the use of interspecific and interdepartmental groups with the development of active actions, taking into account the specifics and specifics of each tactical group, – said Commander of the Navy Rear Admiral Oleksiy Ne . “The result of such trainings is the development of a unified approach to the implementation of tasks within interdepartmental groups in the framework of the implementation of NATO standards,” said the head of the national fleet.

According to the training legend, the movement of unidentified surface objects in Ukrainian territorial waters was detected. In order to prevent the illegal seizure of elements of Ukraine’s economic infrastructure in the Black Sea, the military was tasked with reconnaissance, deployment of forces and means, landing, strengthening protection and repelling a conventional enemy attack with practical combat fire.

It should be noted that the training took place suddenly, without warnings, which made it possible to actually assess the training of personnel for any situations related to the defense and territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.

Photos provided by the State Border Guard Service

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