Military divers inspected the sunken object in the waters of the port of Odessa

22 May 2020 ID:6411 Переглядів:5,469

Diving descents of the diving staff of the Diving School of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took place in the Practical (Military) Harbor of Odessa.

As the main instructor of the Victor Diving School told the ArmyInform correspondent, the training and training dives were conducted in diving equipment with an open breathing cycle and were carried out to inspect the sunken object, which is located in the waters of the Practical Harbor of Odessa.

– The sunken object is at a depth of 9 meters and at a distance of up to 50 meters from the berth wall. First, the divers practiced diving to a depth, then underwater, they checked the operation of their equipment at different types of loads. Orienteering and communication training has already taken place on the seabed. Working in pairs and insuring each other, the divers covered a distance of 50 meters and began to inspect the sunken object in poor visibility. Our instructors inspected the object in detail, checked its integrity, and inspected the building for various foreign objects. The management of the Diving School plans to introduce cadets in the educational process and simulate a project to work out the tasks of a typical ship-lifting operation to lift flooded objects to the surface. Of course, to complete such tasks, we need to get special equipment, which is planned to be purchased for these needs, – said the chief instructor of the Diving School Victor.

By the way, Viktor Mykolayovych is one of the most experienced divers in the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During his service in the diving units, he spent more than 3,800 minutes underwater at various depths. By the way, on this day Kateryna Nikitenko performed the task at depth along with her colleagues. This is a girl-serviceman who was the first in the history of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be trained and qualified for diving. Over her shoulders 650 minutes spent underwater, and diving descents from aboard a diving vessel to a depth of 30 meters in the Black Sea.

Today, at the Diving School, almost 90 percent of all dives are performed on diving equipment with an open breathing cycle. But the school plans to significantly improve the training of divers. It is first of all about the use in training of diving systems of the closed cycle of breath, namely oxygen rebreathers of different types. What are the features of their work. Unlike traditional scuba diving, this equipment does not require oxygen, but produces it yourself. Since it is a closed-loop breathing apparatus, the carbon dioxide released during respiration in it is absorbed by the chemical composition, enriched with oxygen and re-inhaled. Accordingly, there are no bubbles formed during exhalation, which is very important when performing particularly important tasks and secret missions.

This equipment will not only update the line of diving equipment of the Diving School, but also allow divers to perform more complex tasks underwater. In addition, with the help of oxygen rebreathers, you can spend much more time underwater without harming the health of the divers themselves. By the way, the teaching staff and cadets will be able to dive under the open sea to a depth of 60 meters. Currently, dives are conducted in systems with an open breathing cycle to a depth of 30 meters.

Vitaliy Panchyshyn