Sailors learned to fight for the survival of the boat during training activities in the Navy of the Armed Forces

22 May 2020 ID:6400 Переглядів:5,426

The crew of the training boat of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Smila” completed training on “The struggle for the survival of the ship.” The purpose of the event is to train personnel to prepare for the struggle for survival in case of abnormal situations on the boat.
This type of training covers the entire crew of the boat, and is carried out in combination with other combat training activities. This time, the personnel worked out the interaction of the emergency rescue party with the command post, coordination during firefighting and providing first aid to the victims.

– After training on the boat, the electrical equipment for localization and further extinguishing of which the emergency rescue party was involved caught fire. Every accidental damage to a ship, even if it is not immediately noticeable, is detected by specific features. In our case, one of the crew members noticed the smoke and immediately warned the boatman on duty. The team began to eliminate the accident by special means, – said the commander of the training boat “Smila” Lieutenant Oleg Tkachuk.

The success of the struggle for survival depends on the correct implementation of primary measures and clear solutions to overcome, or eliminate, the emergency situation, because the fight against fires on the ship is carried out in the presence of a possible threat of explosion of ammunition, compressed gas cylinders and the spread of toxic combustion products.

According to the results of training, the staff successfully completed the tasks. Such training is conducted on a regular basis.

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