Bilateral Ukrainian-Romanian exercise Riveraine 2019 begins in Romania

4 Sep 2019 ID:4874 Переглядів:1,019

Today, on September 4, bilateral Ukrainian-Romanian exercises Riveraine 2019 began in Romania with the participation of units of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Maritime Security Service of the MRF of Ukraine, the Maritime Forces and the Coast Guard of Romania. The purpose of the event is to work out joint actions of multinational boat tactical groups in the Danube area to enhance their interoperability and capabilities. The training began with a grand opening ceremony, led by the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Vice Admiral Ihor Voronchenko, and Chief of the Naval Forces of Romania’s Chief of Staff, Vice Admiral Alexander Mirs.
– We consider this training as a good opportunity to increase the level of interoperability and capabilities of the Ukrainian and Romanian naval forces, border police and coastguard, the event allows us to train the forces qualitatively and to introduce international standards of interaction between the sailors, – emphasized during the speech Ukrainian Armed Forces Admiral Igor Voronchenko. – Ahead of days of hard and interesting work. Each of you is a professional of your own business and it is time to demonstrate it, – added the head of the national fleet.
From the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this year’s exercises include small armored artillery boats “Ackerman” and “Vyshgorod”, training boat “Smila” and Mi-14 helicopter, from the Romanian side – two armored patrol boats, two river minesweepers. boat and river tow. In general, bilateral training will take place over a three-day period in the Danube River area, where Ukrainian and Romanian counterparts will work together on basic security elements for straits and river sectors.
– The challenges and threats to the security and operational environment, and the safety of shipping, make us act together. This type of exercise is a good opportunity to train staff to use NATO standards, as well as to improve the common mode of action of the participating forces, said Vice Admiral Alexander Mirsch, Chief of Staff of the Naval Forces of Romania,
The training will last until September 6 and will include such basic elements as tactical maneuvering, mine action, finding and rescuing a fallen person, and a search operation.

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