A prayer service was held in Odessa for the release of Ukrainian prisoners of war

25 Mar 2019 ID:4013 Переглядів:358

Today, at the mooring of the Practical Harbor of the Naval Base ‘South’, immediately after the solemn raising of the flags on ships and boats of the national fleet, a Moleben for the release of captive military sailors and captives of the Kremlin took place.

The event was organized by the governor of the Odesa-Baltic Diocese Bishop of Odessa and Balti Pavilion with the support of the Naval Forces Command and the leadership of the Ministry of Ukraine for Temporary Occupied Territories.

As the deputy commander of the Naval Forces for moral and psychological assurance, Captain 1 rank Andriy Ursol, informed that this day was exactly 4 months since Russian ships shot and captured the detachment of Ukrainian small artillery armored boats captured captive.

– We, the clergy, together with the personnel of the Navy, with words of sincere prayer, appealed to the Lord for the prompt release of our guys from captivity. We also prayed for their families, as they now need more moral support from the Ukrainian people than ever, ‘said the Navy Chaplain of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Father Oleksandr Smerichinsky.

It should be noted that on the eve of the Sunday School of the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ the Divine Liturgy was held, after which a meeting of the chairman of the Synodal Office of the military clergy – metropolitan Cherkasy and Chigirinsky, the head of the Orthodox mission on the protection of human rights and prisoners – the Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea Clement and the bishop of Odessa and Balti Pavel with the families of prisoners of war.

Recall that the main directions of the joint work of the Church and the State remain unchanged – it is a continuation of the world-wide political pressure on Russia as an aggressor country, the organization of qualified legal protection and proper consular accompaniment by Ukraine of our military during their capture.


Information edition of the Information Agency of the Ministry of Defense (Odessa)