A presentation of a draft of a new textbook on the naval history of Ukraine took place in Odessa

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On the basis of the National University “Odessa Naval Academy” the III All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference on the topic: “Military-historical work in the Navy” took place. For the first time, conferences of this level discussed scientific issues related to national and world military history.

The main event of the conference was the presentation of a draft of a new textbook for students of universities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Naval History of Ukraine”.

In his introductory remarks, the Acting Commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Vice Admiral Andriy Tarasov, stressed that military-historical work in the Ukrainian Navy should be considered a priority. “Because in the conditions of military aggression of the Russian Federation, occupation of Crimea the main task remains objective coverage of the historical events which took place during national liberation struggle of Ukraine for sovereignty and independence, including with participation of Naval Forces of Ukraine”, – the temporary emphasized. acting commander.

The presentation and discussion of the textbook manuscript was conducted jointly with university scholars who participated in the work of the conference sections and presented each section separately. The textbook includes, in addition to the traditional sections, which tell about the history of the Ukrainian Navy in the early 18th century, and other interesting topics. For example: “Ukrainian Marines: the history of creation and the military path (1918-1921) or a more modern and relevant section:” Foreign experience in the memorialization of modern military conflicts with the Navy (on the example of the Falklands War). It is planned to improve all sections of the textbook during 2020-2021 with their discussion at monthly scientific and methodological seminars and prepare it for publication in October next year. Work is also under way on a naval vocabulary that will systematize naval terminology, in particular taking into account the military terminology of NATO member states.

Also during the conference was discussed the holding of a recently developed ritual in honor of the fallen sailors from next year in the headquarters and on ships with a demonstration of the map of the combat area and the ritual of raising the signal “Long live free Ukraine” on the Day of the State Flag of Ukraine.

Representatives of the Military-Scientific Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Command of the Ukrainian Navy, the Ivan Chernyakhovsky National University of Defense of Ukraine, the OMA Institute of the Navy, the Hetman Petro Sagaidachny National Academy of Land Forces, and higher education institutions also took part in the online conference. and scientific institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Correspondent ArmyInform Alexander Kindsfater.

Photo of the Institute of the Navy NU “OMA”