Final conference on the planning of the Ci Breeze 2021 Ukraine-US training was held in Odessa

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Today, on 14 January, the final conference on the planning of the Ukrainian-American training session Sea Breeze 2021 was held in the city of Odessa. The purpose of the meeting was to finalize the plan, the format for engaging the participating States and the reconnaissance of the venues.

The conference, together with Ukraine, was attended by 16 participating countries and partners of the Eastern Mediterranean Alliance. Apart from the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, representatives of almost all branches and branches of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and power structures joined the planning process. Over the course of four days, representatives of the participating countries discussed and settled the remaining issues regarding the organization of the training, including the work of the lobby headquarters, the identification and tasking of the forces to be deployed, the order of interoperability of the components, all-round support, and so on.

Sea-Breeze is another major step towards enabling the Navy to operate fully in line with NATO standards. This year we are returning to a full-scale training format in which all components are taught,” said Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. – The sea unites us all because it is the great way of communication between our countries. It is up to all of us to protect this communication, to defend our interests on the sea and to give freedom of navigation in every country in the world, in every part of the world’s oceans,” he added.

Representatives from countries such as Senegal and Tunisia took part in the final conference this year for the first time. Overall, some 30 ships, 30 aircrews in the maritime and air component, and over 1,400 troops of various nations in the land component are scheduled to be deployed. Other military formations, branches and branches of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies, etc. are also traditionally involved in the training. The Sea-Breeze training event brings together a record number of participating nations, namely 27 countries, which will take part in the event without intermediate participation of troops, ships, aircraft and the requisite officers. As a result, up to 35 countries are scheduled to participate in Sea Breeze 2021 training, taking into account the “spotters”.

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