In Odessa, a working meeting was held between the Navy Commander and the United States Senior Adviser

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Today, on June 7, 2019, the commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Navy Admiral Igor Voronchenko and US Senior Adviser on the Defense Industry of Ukraine Mr. Donald Winters met on board the Hetman Sagaidachn frigate. The main goal of the event was to familiarize with the urgent needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Navy in arms and military technology.

During the meeting, the parties discussed a number of important issues regarding the further development of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The United States has made proposals for improving military cooperation among countries, outlines key areas of work and priority tasks in the naval area that need assistance from foreign partners.

At the end, representatives of the US delegation inspected the newest jets of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, among which were the “Centaur” assault and assault boats, which will be included in the national fleet in the near future.

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