In Odessa, the program of personnel development “Military Seaman – 2035”

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On the basis of the 59th House of Officers a presentation of the program of implementation of the Strategy of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2035 concerning the development of the personnel “Military Seaman-2035” – professionalism and competence “.
– The program “Military Seaman-2035” – professionalism and competence “- is one of the main priorities of the Strategy of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2035. Its purpose is personalization of work with personnel, qualitative selection (recruiting), implementation of personnel support of the car ‘ servicemen based on the principles of personnel management, increasing their training and professional qualities, creating additional motivational factors for leaving the military service, especially in matters of social welfare Theroux – said the head of staff – deputy chief of staff of Commander Naval Forces of Ukraine Captain 1st Rank Alexander Shevchenko.
The main idea behind this project is to create a new formation of professionally trained military seamen who will be able to work qualitatively on the new military equipment that comes to the Ukrainian Navy subdivision. Already, the fleet is actively working on this. For example, in rather short terms, the command of the Navy Command personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to form a group of servicemen for the crews of two patrol boats of the “Island” class. These military sailors have sufficient professional experience on ships and boats of the national fleet, have already undergone language training and will soon go to the United States for further training.
Also during the meeting, the participants were familiarized with the practical work of the Naval Commission of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the selection of candidates for appointment, visited the Freelance Recruiting Center and talked with recruits and recruits.

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Presentation of the program “Military Seaman – 2035”