Meeting of parachute specialists continues in the Naval Aviation Brigade of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

19 May 2020 ID:6322 Переглядів:2,654

In Nikolayev region in naval aviation crew of national fleet gatherings on preparation and advanced training of experts of search and rescue and parachute landing service proceed. Specialists of the rescue parachute group and instructors in parachute training of units of the Navy and other military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine undergo retraining.
The program of the meeting includes parachuting, including on the water surface, training of specialists to perform search and rescue operations, providing assistance to victims on land and on the water surface. The flight crew of the brigade is also involved in the direct performance of parachute jumps.
The peculiarity of the course is the development of skills in performing parachute jumps in different climatic conditions, at any time of day, on different platforms and with the use of parachutes such as “wing”. Various types of flying equipment are involved – propellers and airplanes.
The training course provides an opportunity for naval aviators, cadet pilots, representatives of related professional and parachute areas to acquire new and update existing knowledge on this topic.

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