In the water area of the Danube river, Ukrainian and Romanian boats carried out mine action

5 Sep 2019 ID:4890 Переглядів:604

Within the framework of the Ukrainian-Romanian exercises, Riverine-2019, a tactical group carried out a series of joint actions at the mouth of the Danube River. NATO. The participants of the exercise worked out the issues of tactical maneuvering, mine action, search and rescue of the fallen person, and also conducted a search operation.

It should be noted that with the advent of the Navy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Ukraine small armored artillery boats of the type “Gyurza-M”, the opportunity appeared to perform tasks in the waters of rivers and estuaries. It is extremely important for Ukrainian naval officers to gain experience in deploying such forces in specific areas. And the Ukrainian-Romanian Riverine 2019 training format is best suited for this.

Recall that from the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the training involved small armored artillery boats “Ackerman” and “Vyshgorod”, training boat “Smila” and helicopter Mi-14. There are three boats from the units of the Maritime Guard of the State Border Service of Ukraine. The Romanian side involves two armored patrol boats, two river minesweepers and a river tugboat to house the training leadership staff. In addition, one patrol boat is involved in the Romanian coast defense.