Ukrainian and Great Britain navies conduct joint PASSEX exercises in the Black Sea

26 May 2021 ID:8745 Переглядів:4,532

A joint shipboard tactical group of the Ukrainian Navy and the Kingdom of Great Britain conducted a PASSEX exercise in the far eastern part of the Black Sea. The purpose of the exercise was to maintain security in the Black Sea region, improve the skills and interoperability of the crews of the ships of the two countries in line with the standards of the Mediterranean Alliance. In addition to the surface combat units, the Mi-14 helicopter of the Maritime Aircraft Brigade of the National Navy was involved in the training.

The in-depth training took place in several stages, including the ship and boat group’s practice of maneuvering in formation, organization of anti-aircraft defense, repulsion of attacks by speedy small-size vessels of the enemy, setting up a smoke barrier, etc. During the execution of the joint elements the main attention was given to increasing the interoperability and coherence of the crews’ actions.

The continued participation of Ukrainian naval forces in PASSEX-type training provides an opportunity to improve skills, maritime training, exchange of experience, and to learn NATO standards. One of the effective ways to achieve operational and technical integrity with the fleets of the Alliance member states is through the plane of joint operations with foreign ships at sea,” said Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyizhpapa. PASSEX” training is a test for our readiness to jointly stand up for security, stability and peace in the Black Sea region – he added.

In addition, during the sea crossing the special forces practiced ship training on the transfer of cargo by air and traverse, conducting reconnaissance, surveying the maritime situation in areas of intensive civil navigation and conducting a search and retrieval operation.

It should be noted that communication between the crews of the ship-boat group was carried out exclusively in English in accordance with the international system of MTP signals.

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