In the waters of the Black Sea was a gathering-march of ships and boats of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

7 Jul 2020 ID:6892 Переглядів:8,950

For 5 days, in the Black Sea area, a gathering of ships and boats of the national fleet was held in order to test the elements of combat training, coordination of units of different forces and demonstrate their presence in the Black Sea region. In addition to the ship-boat composition, the event was attended by units of the Marines, Marines and Tactical Aviation of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During the gathering-campaign the personnel of the participants practiced a number of tactical exercises, including landing a naval landing on an unequipped coast in the conditions of enemy domination in the sea and airspace, conducting mine action, protection of sea communications, prevention of blocking the base point, etc. Finally, near the Odesa region, the military, as part of tactical heterogeneous groups, worked out actions to repel the enemy’s attack at sea and to assist the ship in distress.

It should be noted that the basis of the gathering-campaign were ships, boats and vessels, which this year were built in the flotilla of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the forces were controlled from the ship’s control point. In accordance with the division of functions according to NATO standards, the flotilla will continue to work on training capabilities for ship training.

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