Ukrainian-American training “Sea Breeze – 2020” has begun!

20 Jul 2020 ID:7176 Переглядів:6,879

Today, July 20, the Ukrainian-American Sea Breeze 2020 exercise began with the involvement of Partner countries, which aims to increase the level of interoperability of units of the Ukrainian Navy, US Navy, Partner countries and permanent NATO naval groups, in the course of joint tasks to promote security in the Black Sea region. In addition to Ukraine and the United States, Bulgaria, Georgia, Spain, Romania, Turkey and Norway are participating in the event.

In order to prevent the spread of viral infection, COVID-19 training will be held for 7 days in a non-contact format involving only the marine and air components. Given the requirements of the pandemic warning, the opening ceremony of “Sea Breeze – 2020” was held in the form of a telephone connection between the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Rear Admiral Alexei Neizhpapa and the Commander of the 6th US Navy Vice Admiral Eugene Black, during which the fleet commanders of two The countries stressed the importance of conducting exercises to ensure security and stability in the Black Sea region, as well as to increase interoperability between the fleets of member states and NATO partner countries.

This year, one of the main objectives of the training is to prepare multinational forces for a security operation in a crisis region with a focus on working out issues of action, as part of multinational tactical groups, elements of anti-submarine, anti-boat and air defense, coastal and river operations, naval operations. interception, as well as testing the interaction of marine and aviation components. In total, more than 20 ships, boats and vessels will be involved in the multinational force and assets, as well as about 20 aircraft and helicopters from the Allies and Partner countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The general leadership of the Ukrainian-American exercise will be carried out jointly, by remote integration of the training headquarters of the two countries, and the leaders of “Sea Breeze – 2020” from the Ukrainian side – Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Captain 1st Rank Alexei Doscato, from the American side – Deputy Commander surface ships “60” of the 6th Fleet of the US Navy in Europe – Captain 1st Rank Kyle Gant.

For reference. The joint Ukrainian-American exercise “Sea Breeze” dates back to 1997 in accordance with the “Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation on Military Relations between the US Department of Defense and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine”, which was signed in 1993.

The initial purpose of the series of exercises “Sea Breeze” was to prepare and increase the combat readiness of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, the exercises help to improve cooperation and coordination between the countries of the Black Sea region, in addition to Russia, to work out joint maneuvers at sea and on land. Sea Breeze exercises are conducted both with NATO member states and with other Partner countries.

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