Ukrainian crews “Island” received a high assessment from American colleagues

29 Aug 2019 ID:4802 Переглядів:1,120

In The United States, America is continuing the preparation of the crews of the patrol boats type “Island”. Currently Ukrainian military sailors finished the latest stage of In particular they have passed the preparation of the fight for survivability, with the exploitation of energy systems, as well as with navigation and communication. It should be noted that the chief of the course of preparation crews of the coast guard of the United States appreciated professional level of Ukrainian sailors.

“Сrews of the patrol boats are on the 8th week of preparation shared with the involvement of our instructors of the preparation department. Before the end of the training remains two more weeks, but the most important goals are already achieved. The Personnel worked out the fight for the survivability of the boat with the imitation of injuries according to the U.S. Coast guard standards and successfully handle it. Engineers can independently exploit the main engines, diesel generators and assistants, to conduct the maintenance of mechanisms during the staying in the port of Baltimore, Maryland.

On the bridge, the calculation of the main command was successfully mastered by modern electronically-Map Navigation systems, radars, and proved it in practice while swimming in the Chesapikskii bay. Now the crews are focused on more difficult tasks that apply the maneuvering during the pickup on the board “Zodiac” boats while moving, as well as preparing patrol boats for departure to Ukraine.

This message is one more time showing a high level of preparation of our military sailors, especially that the superiors of the patrol boats have finished learning only several years ago, but already have a payroll practical experience. For example, recently, they were tested with navigation and cartography, on the result, received very high ratings. And so on all directions of preparation.