Ukrainian-Romanian training series Riversian conference scheduled to take place in the ZSU Navy

29 May 2021 ID:8838 Переглядів:4,581

Representatives of the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Defence Forces and the Rumanian Maritime Forces will hold the initial and main planning conference (combined exercise) in Odessa to prepare for a joint training exercise, Riverian 2021, in videoconference mode. During the meeting, the parties discuss the modalities and scenario of the training, plan the forces and equipment to be deployed, and agree on the areas where the training will take place. The participants develop an outline for the training and agree on the training objectives.

It should be noted that the main goal of the training is to further maintain close relations in the military sphere with Romania and to maintain a high level of regional security. Each year the training programme is becoming more complex and includes more new elements. Thus, this year the participation of the land component of the training on both sides is planned, namely a landing of Ukrainian naval infantry and patrols by the Rumanian Naval Forces’ infantry squadron. There will also be anti-trawling of the Danube River water area, anti-aircraft defence and measures to ensure the safety of civilian navigation.

The Riverian trainings are not only international but also inter-agency. Thus, on the Ukrainian side, representatives of the Maritime Security Service of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine were involved in the planning and participation in the training. The trainings of this series are regular and are held in quadruplicate. The planning and delivery procedures of the training comply with NATO standards and provide a unique opportunity to cooperate with a member state of the Mid-Atlantic Alliance that has a long history of membership in this organization.

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