The ZSU Navy held operational meetings with unit commanders and representatives of other branches of the ZSU

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Over the course of three days, the Naval Forces of Ukraine held operational meetings with officers of the Naval Forces of Ukraine and commanders of Ukrainian naval units. In addition, representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other branches of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and security agencies took part in the meeting. Such events are a form of individual training of special forces implemented in military command and control bodies and military units to deepen and consolidate theoretical knowledge, study the requirements of leadership documents, and improve practical skills and abilities of servicemen and servicewomen.

The meeting was chaired by Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyizhpapa, Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. In his address to the attendees, the national fleet commander outlined a prospective model of development of the modern Ukrainian fleet, described the short- and medium-term perspective of the navy development, and encouraged participants in the development of the infrastructure. The Head of the Ukrainian Navy explained how and in the future the national fleet will perform its functions in terms of security of civil navigation, shores and aquatorium of the Azov-Black Sea region.

– Recognition on the sea is the main sign, due to which we can plan further deployment of naval forces. The development of the surface forces will include three main priorities: acquisition of striking, defensive and patrolling capabilities,” said Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyizhpapa, Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine.

Moreover, the commander of the National Navy paid attention of the audience to further development of pilotless aviation, mobility and amphibious capabilities of the Naval Forces.

Nearly three dozen activities were conducted during the training camp, including thematic presentations, round tables, instructor-led training sessions, and tests. Classes were held at a variety of locations, depending on the subject matter and the needs of the material and technical basis. Among others, the forms and ways of using Bayraktar WACs, taking into account the experience of previous conflicts, and Neptun missile launchers in case of possible use of complexes for the purpose of enemy air strikes were discussed.

The meeting resulted in the formation of unified views on the new forms and methods of deployment of forces (troops), taking into account the acquisition of new types of armor for the Ukraine’s Naval Forces. The special staff was informed about the functions and tasks of the structural divisions of the naval command authority in the composition of the new organizational and staff structures during the preparation and conduct of operations. Improved practical skills for performing functional duties during the preparation and conduct of combat operations.

At the end, Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyizhpapa, commander of the Ukrainian navy, commended the participants for the smooth and productive work and set the task for further expansion of training activities and use of Ukrainian naval assets.

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