The next stage of training of special divers has ended in the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

19 May 2020 ID:6342 Переглядів:2,559

The next stage of training of combat swimmers of the anti-sabotage unit of the Ukrainian Navy has been completed in the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Intensified special training of personnel was conducted in order to improve the skills and abilities of special divers.

The military was faced with the task of calculating and further inspecting a certain area for the presence of dangerous signs of sabotage groups and hiding places of the enemy. During the exercises, groups of four combat swimmers inspected the underwater parts of ships and hydraulic structures, and with the help of special navigation tablets surveyed a certain area in the Black Sea. In case of finding an explosive or simply suspicious object, the diver transmits the information to the operator, noting the found object with a buoy, after which a decision is made to eliminate it. Underwater communication was provided by the latest four-channel hydroacoustic communication station.

In general, the requirements facing the anti-sabotage unit of the national fleet require considerable training, each diver must be sure that there is a specialist with whom you can count and trust your life. Therefore before appointment to positions, fighters pass various degrees of preparation among which and military school of divers of Navy of Armed Forces of Ukraine

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