Ukrainian Navy summed up the activities of the structures of moral and psychological support for 2018

23 Jan 2019 ID:3752 Переглядів:1,154

During the two days, the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted a meeting with the personnel of the structures of moral and psychological support, in which the analysis of the tasks was carried out and the priority directions of work for 2019 were determined. The main attention was paid to the consideration of topical issues of psychological support and the dissemination of positive experience in the implementation of tasks in the conditions of armed aggression by the Russian Federation.
A feature of the meeting was the discussion of the experience of a modular approach to the organization of psychological training, the effectiveness of decompression measures for long-time military personnel, and modern approaches to the psychological support of combatants in accordance with the standards of NATO member states and partner countries. Also discussed was the issue of setting standards for the psychological training of Marine divisions to carry out assignments. Participants of the meeting got acquainted with the material basis of psychological stress-training of the Training Center of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A task was created in support of the continuity of the formation of the necessary skills of personnel during service in the military units of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Ukrainian military seamen also discussed changes in regulatory acts and their implementation in daily activities. In particular, in order to establish interaction, a meeting was held with representatives of the Territorial Department of the State Bureau of Investigations in the city of Nikolaev as a body for pre-trial investigation, including war crimes. In addition, the staff of the structures of moral and psychological support had proved the algorithm of ensuring the implementation of the constitutional rights and freedoms of servicemen, the strict observance of the legislation of Ukraine during the preparation and holding of regular presidential elections on March 31, 2019.

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