The Naval Forces of Ukraine continue the Course of planning logistical support of operations with NATO standards

24 Nov 2020 ID:7946 Переглядів:21,512

Representatives of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom arrived in Odessa as part of Operation ORBITAL for training.

– During the week, the British instructors of the ORBITAL mission conduct logistics classes with us, – says the head of the logistics group of the flotilla of the Ukrainian Navy, Captain 2nd Rank Vitaliy Spektoruk – Among the main tasks – to provide sailors with knowledge on the structure of logistics bodies of NATO and the Royal Navy of Great Britain, to understand the principles of planning the process of logistics. All this is necessary in order for us to be able to achieve the appropriate level of cooperation by performing common tasks in multinational tactical groups, international exercises and joint PASSEX-type training.

Ukrainian sailors studied the logistics principles of NATO, got acquainted with the logistics structure of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Partner countries, as well as UNIFIER operations on the logistics of units of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During the classes, various options for logistics planning were considered. The Ukrainian side, together with foreign partners, developed and drew up work plans for each individual case of practical application of Navy units. For example, among the main tasks studied the question “what should be loaded on the ship and for what period of time?” in order for the ship to be able to perform tasks at sea, or the question “what does the engineering service need to do before leaving the base?” etc. That is, we worked out all the details of the logistics of operations in accordance with NATO standards.

According to the instructor of the ORBITAL mission, Captain 3rd Rank Andrew McConaughey, the information they provide to Ukrainian sailors is perceived very well and effectively.

– The acquired knowledge will strengthen the ability of Ukrainian seafarers to effectively perform any tasks related to logistics during international exercises and joint operations, – added Andrew McConaughey.

Ivetta Vasylenko, ArmyInform correspondent
Photo of the public relations service of the KVMS of the Armed Forces of Ukraine