Ukrainian Maritime Forces have taken the Military Oath of Allegiance to the Ukrainian Nation

22 May 2021 ID:8716 Переглядів:4,557

In the afternoon at the Naval Forces Training Centre, nearly 150 recruits swore an oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people. On that day, representatives of 14 regions from various parts of Ukraine jointly swore an oath to defend the Ukrainian state and stand unharmed for its freedom and independence.

Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, Captain First Class Serhiy Pasichnyk, took the oath at the head of the training. Also, Colonel Arkadiy Stepanenko, deputy commander of the Marines, and Colonel Andriy Gnatov, commander of the Independent Marines Brigade named after General Mykhailo Bilinski greeted the service personnel on the occasion of the successful occasion.

Prior to taking the oath, the sailors completed a basic general training course, during which they learned the basics of tactics and a number of other military disciplines. The training was not only theoretical, but also practical, under the guidance of experienced instructors from the Ukrainian Naval Training Centre, who had taken an uninterrupted part in the ATO and OOS and were always ready to share their experience with the new recruits. Ahead, they will be trained and deployed to new places of further military service in combat units and on board ships of the Naval Forces of the Defence Forces of Ukraine.

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