The Navy is checking mobilization readiness

17 Aug 2019 ID:4614 Переглядів:356

In accordance with the plan of training of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on the basis of the search and rescue division and the division of the security vessels, one-day inspection meetings with the reserve reserve of the second-line operational reserve were held.
– The main purpose of the meeting was to check the system of notification of the collection, delivery and reception of human mobilization resources, – said Volodymyr Lantukh, the head of the mobilization department of the personnel management staff of the Naval Forces Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. – The corresponding meeting is held in two stages. The first stage evaluates the work of the territorial centers of recruitment and social support for the organization, namely, timely notification, meeting, formation and delivery of relevant teams to the military units. In the second stage, the military unit is evaluated for the organization of the work of the receiving point of mobilization resources and their subsequent division into divisions for appointments and orders.
The meeting was attended by over one hundred reservists, mostly people with experience in the field of ship specialties. However, there are some who have never in their lives worn military uniforms, but are interested in the option of contracted service in the reserve. Therefore, members of the military units and manning centers gave a detailed account of the benefits of the reserve service, as well as campaigning for contract service. In addition, they were able to visit the ships and ships they would come to in the event of a mobilization announcement and met the commanders and crews of those ships.