Future officers of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hold a leadership course

12 Apr 2019 ID:4125 Переглядів:364

In the training center of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the students of the 5th year of the Institute of Naval Forces of the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” improve the level of professional training and lead the course.

Future officers at the modern material and technical base of the training center improve their practical skills with their chosen military specialty. In particular, classes are held in the class of the ship’s power plant and in the navigation class, equipped with a ship’s simulation complex.

These simulators create a sound environment that meets the conditions of navigation. The system allows to simulate wind noise, engine operation depending on the course, noise of the anchor chain, sound signals of the own vessel and target vessels. The visualization system allows you to reproduce the surrounding environment: water, sea excitement, coastal outline, navigational structures, surface and moving aircraft, coastal objects. Realistic weather conditions, various atmospheric phenomena, time of day, effects of visibility and illumination, reflection, glare on the water are transmitted. All stages of mooring, towing, search-and-rescue, special operations are displayed on the visualization, which makes the simulators extremely effective means of training in special sections of maritime practice.

In addition, cadets improve practical skills on the simulator struggle for survivability. By the way, this is the only one in Ukraine simulator that allows realistic realization of the operation of the crew of a ship with the use of rescue equipment during the fight against local fire and voluminous fires, flooding inside the shell in the event of accidental damage to the outer shell of the ship, or internal ship pipelines, eliminating holes and leaving the flooded compartment of the ship.

Another important component of the leadership course is maintaining a proper state of physical training. The peculiarity of this course of leadership was that the students for the first time overcame an exhausting 8-kilometer maritime band, which includes various physical and psychological tests. In particular, the water crossings, the assault of a conditional enemy and the evacuation of the wounded.

Such an intensive program of leadership courses contributes to the qualitative professional and psychological preparation of future navy seamen, provides the opportunity to practice the acquired knowledge and improve the skills already acquired.


Information edition of the Ministry of Defense News Agency (Odesa city)