3rd year cadets at ONMA Naval Institute start a boat trip

14 May 2021 ID:8616 Переглядів:4,594

On 4 February, a boat trip was launched in Odessa for cadets of the 3rd year of the Naval Institute of the National University “Odysek Naval Academy”, which aims to consolidate theoretical knowledge acquired by cadets in the Naval Institute and to gain practical skills. Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyezhpapa, commander of the Naval Forces of the Defence Forces of Ukraine, addressed the future naval officers before going to sea.

Sailors live in the sea first of all. Practice on ships and boats, especially the navigational one, is very important for your training. So practice is the tool that will help you to acquire the appropriate capabilities for controlling ships and boats,” said the Chief of the Ukrainian Navy.

During the tour the cadets will learn the peculiarities of naval theatre, practice joint cruising of boats in the tactical group. In addition, they will develop practical skills in the organization of protection and defense of boats both in motion and at anchorage on an unprotected road.

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