The Marine Brigade continues seasonal maintenance of weapons and military equipment

19 May 2020 ID:6348 Переглядів:4,073

In the units of a separate Marine brigade named after Rear Admiral Mykhailo Bilynsky of the Ukrainian Navy, measures are being taken to prepare armaments and military equipment for the transition to the mode of operation in the spring and summer. During the month, in the fleet of combat vehicles, the Marines perform a list of works in accordance with the requirements of current orders and operational documentation.
According to the Deputy Commander of the Marine Battalion for Arms, Captain Andriy Turas, the seasonal maintenance of weapons is carried out in three stages: the first – planning, the second – the implementation of practical work, the third – summarizing. Equipment for workplaces, posts and sections at the maintenance and repair point was prepared for timely and high-quality performance of tasks during maintenance of equipment.
– Seasonal maintenance of weapons and military equipment is to check its staffing and serviceability, as well as to increase service life. Includes replacement of parts, fuels and lubricants, brake adjustment, cleaning and washing of filters, radiators, individual components and units, – said the Marine officer. – Units of our brigade are involved in the tasks assigned to the area of ​​operation of the Joint Forces. Therefore, all personnel involved in this process are very responsible for carrying out work on military equipment.
It should be noted that the most important and mandatory requirement when performing seasonal maintenance tasks is to preserve the life and health of servicemen and their observance of safety measures.