Joint training of the Pryluky rocket boat of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the ‘Capricorn’ minesweeper of the Navy of the French Republic

27 Mar 2019 ID:4062 Переглядів:455

In the Black Sea area, the Capricorn minesweeper of the Naval Forces of the French Republic, together with the missile boat ‘Priluki’ of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, trained like the ‘PASSEX’.

During sea maneuvers, the main attention was paid to increasing interoperability, working out the interactions in the detachment of ships, as well as the implementation of joint mitigation actions, respectively.

According to First Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyzhappa, Ukrainian military sailors have been using the various methods of implementing NATO standards for the preparation of crews of ships and boats for a long time. However, one of the effective ways to achieve operational and technical compatibility with the navies of the member states of the North Atlantic Alliance is precisely passing through the plane of working out joint training actions with foreign ships.

‘PASSEX training is a great opportunity to improve the skills, maritime training and experience exchange between the ships of NATO member states and partner countries,’ said counter-admiral Alexei Neejzhapa.

He added that NATO’s ships always find time to train individually or as part of multinational ship tactical groups.

During trainings like ‘PASSEX’ crews of ships improve the skills of naval training. These include air defense training, countermeasures in selected marine areas, patrolling, communication training, etc.

– According to the plans of NATO specialists, the main idea of ​​the ‘PASSEX’ is to bring the crews of the ships to automatic operation, ‘said counter-admiral Alexei Neejzhapa.

It should be noted that this time on the way to the sea, the crews of the Ukrainian rocket launcher and the French minesweeper worked out an interaction within the tactical group of ships. In particular, this is tactical maneuvering, and training on communication, leadership, and rescue of a person who has been overboard, and so on.

In addition, in the transition to the sea, the personnel performed a series of ship combat exercises, including air defense in the repulsion of enemy strikes, battle with the enemy ship’s surface and the organization of universal defense.

– Participation in these training sessions was very useful for the crew of the ship in terms of obtaining additional knowledge and improving the skills of interaction with our foreign colleagues according to NATO standards for the preparation and use of forces at sea, – said the commander of the missile boat Priluki.

According to the commander of the Capricorn capricorn captain 2nd rank Vensan Magnan, the constant participation of the Ukrainian fleet forces in the PASSEX trainings contributes not only to the achievement of interoperability and the capture of NATO standards, but also greatly enhances security in the Black Sea basin.


Information edition of the Information Agency of the Ministry of Defense (Odessa)