Sea Breeze 2020: New challenges, new elements and new experiences

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The 5th day of the Ukrainian-American exercises Sea Breeze 2020 allows to sum up the first results on the success of their implementation. Traditionally, each subsequent training includes new elements and gradually becomes more complicated, with new differences and features. This year’s main challenge was the event in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this could not but affect the organization of exercises. Due to the viral threat, the planning of events was completed, for the first time in the history of exercises, in virtual mode through electronic communication channels, which allowed to establish new ways of communication of planning groups from Ukraine, USA and NATO, partner countries participating in the exercise. The total number of participating States was 8 countries: Ukraine, the United States, the Republic of Bulgaria, Georgia, the Republic of Turkey, the Kingdom of Norway and the Kingdom of Spain. On the Ukrainian side, representatives of not only the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also other types of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ministries and departments take part in the training.
Another important difference of this year’s exercises is the work of two headquarters, which are located in different geographical locations. One is in Odessa, and the other is in the city of Rota (Kingdom of Spain) in the naval operations center of the 60th surface ship connection of the 6th US Navy. The work of the headquarters is carried out through daily integration and constant exchange of information.
According to the Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian-American exercises Sea Breeze, Captain 1st Rank Konstantin Plakhotnyuk, the exercises are continuing successfully and all planned activities are carried out without interruption:
– This challenge, in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have successfully overcome. We already see that the planning was completed successfully, everything was organized without comments and now the units involved in training, both on the part of Ukraine and on the part of partner countries, are clearly working out. This is a very useful experience and it has become a real test for the Ukrainian Navy. This is the “control slice” that we learned from previous Sea Breeze training. And it was not easy – to complete the planning and conduct distance learning, which never happened. I consider this an invaluable experience for the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and for our partners as well – said the Chief of Staff.
Among other elements, elements of anti-submarine combat and with the involvement of aviation were worked out during the past day. Another element that was first conducted as part of the Sea Breeze was the escort of a US Navy patrol aircraft – a Boeing P-8 “Poseidon” of the US Air Force.
An equally important new element in the history of Sea Breeze exercises was the implementation of practical helicopter shootings at naval targets with the use of naval aircraft. The interaction of aviation with ships and boats was tested. In addition, units of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine are involved, which provides an opportunity to maintain the appropriate level of interaction between ships of the national fleet and border guards, full interoperability is established between the air components of these structures.

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