The heart of the mother is the well of love, faith and forgiveness

13 May 2018 ID:1892 Переглядів:556

Today, on May 13, in a separate brigade of the Marine Corps of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they held events on the occasion of the Mother’s Day. Marines celebrated this day with the mothers of their dead martial arts. The meeting was filled with memories of the Heroes who gave their lives to Ukraine in the area of ​​hostilities in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

‘It’s a perpetual wound in our heart, a pain that does not blurred over the years,’ said Ihor Voronchenko, the commander of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to the mothers present. – Remember, we are one family forever. The guys fought for Ukraine for the last breath, and our task is to bring the matter to the end, to win, to take revenge for every devoted life, ‘he added.

The commander of the Marine Corps, Major-General Yuri Sadol, emphasized that the families of the dead seaweed are part of a strong military team, while Heroes will remain in line, heart and soul forever. According to the military chaplain of Father Andrew Zelinsky, the mother of a marines is also a marinesman, because the heart of a warrior is formed under the mother’s heart.

In a warm atmosphere, everyone present discovered their souls. Mothers were awarded commemorative medals. Sadness and tears intertwined with the feeling of unity and the words of gratitude to each other. The military sailors, together with the families of their brothers, laid flowers at the Stella Marines, prayed for the memory of each of them.

Also discussed was the creation of the Mothership of the Marine Corps of Ukraine, which will facilitate the interaction of units and families in solving urgent issues.

Honor, Honor, God’s Deacon. A low bow to you, our relatives, for every word, for prayer and for the unbelievable faith in us.

Press center of the Navy Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Photo by Alexander Bezsmertnaya