Presentation of the program “Military Seaman – 2035”

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“Military Seaman – 2035” – professionalism and competence, is the strategy of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for people in our Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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In December 2018, the Naval Force Commander Admiral Igor Voronchenko presented the Strategy of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2035. The main sections of the Strategy are:

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Section 1 – Purpose, Vision and Values

Section 2 – Strategic Challenges that Outline the Future of the Naval Forces

Section 3 – Strategic Approach and Needs of the Future Naval Capabilities

Section 4 – Ways and means of implementation of the Strategy

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The strategy is defined

Purpose of the Navy:

The vision is also: Modern, rapid and innovative Navy, capable of protecting the people of Ukraine and national interests in the marine and coastal environment through asymmetric and decisive operations, with well-motivated and professional personnel who are determined to win.

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The relevant stages and priorities for the development of the Navy have been identified

A change in the personnel management system should begin with the first phase by creating a recruitment system for military service, preserving the existing and creating a new human resources capability of the Naval Force. Full support of a serviceman’s career from a sailor to an admiral, in conjunction with an increase in social standards and financial incentives, will make the profession of a military seaman prestigious for youth, will enable the high-skilled personnel to be retained in the military service and affect the problem of human resources loss. The introduction of NATO principles, approaches and values ​​in the military education system should prepare a new generation of highly skilled, initiative-oriented military men with advanced leadership skills.

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Also, the Strategy defines the structure of the naval combat potential, which is the basis for the development of their capabilities.

The physical component is a means of armed struggle.

Conceptual component

The moral component generated by people and is the basis of military power. He focuses on the legitimacy of troops, ethical principles, enthusiasm and willingness to fight in order to contribute to the offensive spirit, initiative and resolve to carry out combat missions. The moral condition and combat spirit of servicemen of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, their determination to win is a fundamental factor in success. This requires the formation of moral qualities, the unification of teams and the upbringing of leaders based on shared values.

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Values ​​- these are moral samples, concepts, requirements that form the psychological atmosphere of the team, is the basis of its cohesion and efficiency. The content of the three main values ​​of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will be the landmarks of development, is defined and formulated: Fidelity, Courage, Strength.

Loyalty is a duty or commitment, a support by a person of his own state or institution. This value is reflected in the loyalty of sailors to the Ukrainian people – patriotism and national military traditions. Loyalty is related to the concepts of respect and honesty, the understanding that the safety of each citizen will be protected by the Ukrainian army.

Courage is a virtue denoting moral power in overcoming fear, the ability to endure suffering and physical pain. It is synonymous with universal moral hardness. This value is embodied through courageous behavior in the battle, inspiration for mastering the military profession, victory to fight for victory.

Power is the physical and spiritual energy of man, the manifestation of mental, spiritual properties; power, authority, authority. This value manifests itself in the strength of physical development, creative intelligence, steady spirit, strong will, respect from colleagues, leadership qualities, teamwork ability, readiness for cooperation.

The Purpose, Vision and Values ​​of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces provide the basis for understanding the strategic environment and capabilities that are required for the implementation of the Naval Strategy 2035.

Our military sailors are becoming increasingly important in an increasingly complex world.

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Thus, the 24 naval forces of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shook the world, managed to once again look at the threats facing the world regarding the neglect of the Russian Federation of international rules, to see that it is an aggressor

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Over the years, the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces did not have significant changes to our warships, boats, airplanes and weapons systems. From 2017, our approach to HR policy, programs and systems is fundamentally changing. As we began to receive the latest weapons, boats, including the weapon systems we use, our staffing system needs to be upgraded in order to step in step with a rapidly changing world.

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As chief of the naval staff, I understand that the management of the personnel is responsible for the conviction that our new marines are ready for many tasks and tasks that they will be offered to take on themselves.

This responsibility includes the search and selection of talented motivated people, as well as training activities that will transform young people into professional and competent naval soldiers.

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In order to implement the Strategy, we have developed the MISSION OF THE MILITARY MARINE 2035 program – professionalism and competence: to have well-motivated, professional and competent personnel set to victory in order to ensure the combat operations of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and safety at sea

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The program “Military Seaman – 2035” – professionalism and competence, it is a live breath of a set of initiatives built on the basis of three pillars:

– Modern personnel system;

– Combined career management system;

– Prestigious service in the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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The first pillar is the modernization of the personnel management system. We are working to create a flexible, transparent policy with the ability to choose their careers, as well as enable commanders to have tools to preserve the best and brightest seamen.

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To date, we are at the stage of introducing the centralization of career management for all categories of servicemen – the departure from the nomenclature principle of the tool is the Personnel Center of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was established on April 27, 2018.

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The main tasks of the Personnel Center of the Navy are:

– definition and implementation of the main directions of career management of servicemen of all categories;

– organization of complex and periodic assessment of military personnel;

– determination of rating and formation of Reserves of candidates for promotion;

– provision of personnel positions for the Naval Forces;

– organization, maintenance and introduction of automated and personal accounting;

– keeping personal records of losses (irreversible and sanitary);

– Personnel support for positions of peacekeeping contingents, Ukrainian peacekeeping personnel, multinational military management bodies and training of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in professional and linguistic courses in Ukraine and abroad;

– Organization of the assignment of military ranks to servicemen, rewarding of personnel;

– implementation of decisions on automation of personnel work processes.

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The basic principles of the new personnel policy are: transparency, equality, honesty. I present the logo of the Personnel Center of the Navy that the anchor is an affiliation with the Navy, the development of personality from small to large, from simple to complex, from lower to higher, from sailor to admiral, and with all equal rights to promotion.

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We analyze all our actions, and how they will affect the motivation of our staff to go through the service. So career management affects seven factors and accounts for 32% of all non-material motivating factors.

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In order to implement personnel management, we have brought the ratio of staff to the indicators of the armed forces of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance. So we have the ratio of officer staff to ordinary (senior) 1 to 5.

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The ratio of officer positions is also given.

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We have a clear construction, career ladder, the ratio of officer positions for promotion on a competitive basis.

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In order to create a transparent system of staffing, automation of processes is implemented through the creation of a single automated information and analytical system of personnel accounting and personnel management “Personnel”.

The main results of the introduction of the integrated staffing system – IAS “Personnel” will be:

introduction of a new technology for operative receipt and processing of information on the quantitative and qualitative state of staffing of the Navy;

the introduction of a new system of staffing of troops (forces) using the latest personnel management technologies to support military servicemen’s careers, ensuring the adoption of objective, impartial and transparent personnel decisions.

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So the Navy plans to deploy such a system in 2020, in case of determining the final location of the Naval Command.

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We analyze all possible risks and today we see the four main problems faced by personnel of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with regard to the implementation of personnel management:

– First: the preservation of professional seamen in the military service;

– The second: it is a war of talents – so that the military could attract young talented people capable of training and further development in the Naval Forces;

– Third: the imperfect system of monetary support, which does not allow to plan the promotion;

– Fourth: fighting protectionism in the passage of military service, promotion.

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To this end, we are developing our recruiting system – we have our place in the overall system of territorial centers of manning and social support of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So we already have 11 full-time positions in CCC 4 oblasts, by the end of 2019 we will have 22 more full-time positions in 11 oblasts, and in 2020 there will be 16 more seats in the remaining oblasts. And so we will have 49 instructors-recruiters all over Ukraine.

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As you know, for almost three years now we have 2 freelance recruiting centers in Odesa and Nikolaev.

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We will offer the military service under the contract in the Navy through direct campaigning in the cities of Ukraine, as well as

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work in social networks, and this is another important priority of raising awareness of potential candidates for service in the Navy.

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Our partnership with the US Navy provides us with assistance in modernizing the personnel management system and creating a recruiting system, and close cooperation from 2015 gives us the vision of a transparent, honest and efficient Navy manning system that we want to build.

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The second pillar is the combined system of training a military seaman with a career management focused on ensuring the correct training at the right time for the purpose of promotion.

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The continuity of the training process with the acquisition of service experience is carried out on the background of career growth and the acquisition of professional competence of a military seaman.

This will make it possible to prepare a military seaman to the position so that he can perform post duties after his appointment from the first day. The content of the training should correspond to the present, the change of programs should take place as necessary.

Therefore, the implementation program has two components of professionalism and competence, shortened to the PIC, that is, the peak to be achieved.

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The principle of professionalism and competence of servicemen essentially sets the most important requirements for a person both in the process of professional selection and selection of positions. Therefore, it is no coincidence that in this principle are connected two important characteristics of man – professionalism and competence. Moreover, if the requirement of professionalism belongs to the sphere of professional selection, then the competence is related to the selection of a candidate for a particular position.

Professionalism means a high degree of mastering a person’s professional competencies, the presence of her experience – a professional psychological experience. This is a higher level of professional experience and a level of potential of professional development of a person.

The level of professional competence is an indicator of the level of preparedness of a serviceman, capable of high quality and efficiency, to perform their duties in a particular position.

The level of professional competence does not remain constant throughout the service. With the transition to another post, another direction of activity of a serviceman takes time to raise his professional level, depending on new tasks, new conditions of activity. The time required to master new tasks depends on the personal qualities of a person, previous experience, and the ability to learn quickly.

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The solution of this issue can be done by developing a card of competencies and creating a method of testing (determining) the level of their manifestation. The card of competencies is a type of behavior, personal qualities of a person, abilities necessary for the performance of specific functions of an official.

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By comparing the candidates on the chart, we can painfully choose candidates for positions that, by their moral and business qualities, will most likely be suitable for appointment to a particular position.

If we want to create a truly professional Navy based on the level of personnel training, it is necessary that the forces of the base should consist of servicemen who are able to perform their duties both qualitatively and effectively in both peaceful and war time.

To this end, we must grow a new generation of officer and officers who are prepared on the basis of Western principles, values, ethics and morals.

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We need to modernize the education system, which has three components:

– system of selection of candidates for joining the IVMS;

– educational activity;

– Creating a new campus.

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So changes in the selection system for candidates for admission to the Naval Institute are the task of ensuring the competition of candidates for admission to the Secondary Schools, which would allow to select entrants with a high rating based on the results of external testing, well-motivated, with the best physical, moral and psychological qualities.

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Measures to improve the quality of higher education should ensure the process of providing educational services with the necessary resources, manage them and realize opportunities for improving these services.

The first source is the scientific and pedagogical worker himself, who changes his mentality and will change the educational process himself. That is, it requires the teacher to change his attitude towards the students and the very process of acquiring them a certain “suitcase” of knowledge, skills and abilities.

Another source is the organization of the educational process directly and its flexibility and adaptability to rapidly change its theoretical and practical components, taking into account the needs of the present and future trends in the world.

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The creation of a new sample campus has the task of creating a comfortable, compact and high-tech infrastructure, which in the future will provide the opportunity to create a creative atmosphere that would motivate a future officer to work well and dedication while studying and reduce the emotional and psychological stress of the cadet due to the specifics of its activities.

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We will do our best to help seafarers improve their careers, develop their leadership skills better by creating a team capable of performing their tasks and eliminating the negative consequences of influencing the decision of the military seaman to remain in the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That is, to improve the conditions of service in the Naval Forces

Therefore, the Third Pillar is a prestigious service at the Naval Forces.

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During the development of staff, we want to concentrate efforts on incentive measures for service, in the first place, on non-material ones. It is necessary to create such an atmosphere, such a system of personnel management that the means of career development, professionalization and personal relationships in the team were overridden by material incentives, the desire to perform military service duties.

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This approach is due to the fact that analyzing the status of naval personnel in 2018 shows that we need to concentrate efforts on the maintenance of servicemen in the service,

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analysis of the reasons for dismissal

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and the search for motivating factors for the abandonment of professional and competent servicemen in the military service

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One of the essential measures to increase motivating factors is the delegation of authority to subordinates. We are training our commanders, we recommend 6 steps of delegation of authority. This is a real step in how to properly delegate authority. How the delegation will increase the motivation of the staff

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Proper and timely Delegations have a significant impact on 51% of the motivating factors

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Based on the analysis of the reasons for dismissal from military service, we understand that the environment of a serviceman, that is, his family, is significantly impacted by the decision to follow the service. So by inviting a person to military service, we accept a family. Therefore, we plan to support the servicemen and their families through the establishment of a Support Center for servicemen and their families, “Navy – MY MONEY”, which will reduce the tension in the families of the mariners, protect their rights, and increase their level of social protection .

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The main functions of the Center will be:

– interaction with public organizations, local communities;

– support, provision of social protection of families of military personnel (participants of the ATO), including in the case of capture or capture;

– providing psychological assistance to servicemen and members of their families;

– providing legal (legal, advocacy) assistance to servicemen and members of their families;

– protection or support of servicemen who have suffered physical or psychological violence;

– support for families of servicemen who perform long-term tasks in isolation from the BAT (in the first place, they are involved in the OS);

– solving the problems of servicemen and their families in connection with obtaining social privileges established by the legislation, including free medical insurance;

– ensuring gender equality rights;

– implementation of the quality policy of providing services.

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And all these three pillars will be aimed at the development of a military seaman, as a professional and competent in its field of activity ready to protect Ukraine.

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To implement this program, we need:

1. Unite all projects that operate in the Navy;

2. Make a financial justification of the program;

3. To work out the perspective structure (states) of the Navy;

4. To give a discussion of the program in order to get the latest ideas from our sailors;

5. Hold a briefing to the media on raising the prestige of the navy and presenting this program.

These are very important tasks for us, for our military sailors, and we believe that these changes will be appreciated.

As we move forward, we want the military sailors and other people, not indifferent to the Navy, resort to additional ideas within the “Military Seaman – 2035” professionalism and competence.

The suggestions from you are the best way to improve our staffing system.

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You have a straight line to me to make sure your ideas have been heard – send them: Navy, chat.