After long patrols in the sea to Odessa, NATO ships came to rest

1 Apr 2019 ID:4086 Переглядів:426

This morning, the FHH333 “Toronto” frigate of the Royal Naval Forces of Canada and the frigate of the Naval Forces F81 “Santa Maria” were moored to the berth of the Odessa Maritime Station.

It should be noted that these ships carry patrols in the Mediterranean Sea in the 2nd NATO Standing Naval Group SNMG2, and they arrived in Southern Palmyra with a friendly visit to rest and will stay there for three days.

In the Black Sea region, Toronto and Santa Maria entered the squadron under the command of the flagship – the Frigate Naval Forces F805 “Eversten”, as well as the Turkish frigate F493 “Gelibol”, which will be visiting these days in other ports of the Black Sea region ” I .

The same day, First Deputy Commander of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Vice Admiral Andriy Tarasov held a meeting with the commander of the frigate Santa Maria Captain 2nd rank Francisco Xavier Ruiz and the Toronto frigate Captain 2nd rank Martin Fluet.

It should be noted that after the visit to Odessa ships will participate in exercises such as PASSEX in conjunction with the ships of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The purpose of exercises in the Black Sea area is to increase the compatibility of Ukrainian ships with NATO and Partner countries.

Reference: The Toronto Royal Naval Frigate belongs to the Halifax class ships with a displacement of about 4,000 tons, which since 1992 have been armed with the Navy of Canada. Armed with anti-ship missiles “Harpoon”, anti-submarine torpedoes Mark 46, anti-aircraft missile system, as well as an artillery nose 57mm cannon. There is also a landing helicopter CH-148 “Cyclone” on board.

The Frigate of the Spanish Navy “Santa Maria” is the first of the six Spanish frigates of the same name. It was built on the shipyard of Bazan based on the very successful American frigate type Oliver Gasper Perry. The ship was accepted into the fleet in October 1986. The length of the ship is 139 meters, the width is 14.3 meters. The displacement is about 4000 tons. Two gas turbines with a total capacity of 41 thousand horsepower disperse frigates up to 30 knots. The frigate is armed with anti-ship missiles “Harpoon”, which are launched from the nasal launcher simultaneously with anti-aircraft missiles SM-1. The counter-armament consists of two three-pipe torpedo devices MK-32. Also in the ship is an air group of two SH-60 helicopters.

Information edition of the Information Agency of the Ministry of Defense (Odessa)