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In one of the common ground areas of Odesa region, theoretical knowledge of tactics is fixed in practice by the students of the 1 st year of the Institute of Naval Forces of the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”.

During the field release, the attention of the first-year students is focused on the development of skills in tactical and fire training. Also, future naval officers are trained to evaluate the combat situation, identify personnel tasks, perform situational tasks, and learn to provide medical care to the wounded.

– For us it is a good opportunity to consolidate in practice all that we learned during the year. We are working out common tactics not on textbooks, but on our own experience. We have the opportunity, as they say, to fully experience the field of romance, to gain experience in carrying the service in the tent city and get used to the weapons that we get from the very morning and do not part with it during the day, “says senior commander Igor Luzan.

According to him, the instructors paid special attention to unity and unified combat units at the foot of the march and the training of teams, since each of the future officers must have a good command of military-professional qualities in order to be able to prepare the personnel for the conditions of real combat operations.

In addition, this time, field training also includes working out of the military army system “Bars”. In particular, carrying out practical actions in the building.

Therefore, during the field exit, the students must acquire skills that will allow them to move effectively on the battlefield, skillfully use weapons and perform tasks in extreme situations.

Information edition of the Ministry of Defense Information Agency “ArmyInform” (Odessa)