In Odessa, over 250 servicemen took the naval oath and won the right to wear storm berets

21 May 2021 ID:8804 Переглядів:4,574

On the eve of the Ukrainian Marine Corps Day, over 250 servicemen of the Marine Corps units took the Naval Corps Oath and received the right to wear the Marine Corps Mantle. The ceremony was held under the command of the Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Rear Admiral Oleksii Neyezhpapa and with the participation of representatives of the Command of Naval Infantry of the Ukrainian Navy, city authorities, public and veteran organizations, clergy, relatives and friends of the Marines.

The commemoration began with the laying of tributes to the memorial to the fallen soldiers of a separate Marine Corps brigade. During the Russo-Ukrainian war thousands of defenders went to the sky, including the marines, who swore an oath to defend Motherland and remained loyal to her until the end. At the sign of the oath, those present shook their heads at the prayer service.

At the end of the memorial ritual, the servicemen proceeded to the ceremonial taking of the Naval Mariner’s Oath and the presentation of the long-lasting berets in the Navy’s coat of arms. The Head of the National Navy congratulated the special team of the brigade on the holy day and commended them for their faithful service to the Ukrainian people, for their courage and heroism displayed in combat operations at the edge of the country and handed individual badges to the best servicemen.

Today is a great occasion for us – over 250 marines received storm berets. These are the servicemen who have recently overcome the psychological disadvantages of being a marine, passed the sea trials and showed their will to win and their physical strength,” said Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyizhpapa. – Today we are writing together a new history of marines. The Marine Corps has already shown its dedication to Ukraine and its unclouded spirit. The enemy fears you and respects you, as you can fight back at any time. No one but you! Where you are, there is victory!

Also on this day, the new gurty of a halfway house for contracted servicemen was cleanly opened on the territory of the military camp. Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyizhpapa cut the page and personally inspected the living conditions of the new tenants.

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