In the Odessa region, cadets of the Naval Institute are leading the course

13 Jun 2019 ID:4345 Переглядів:1,362

At one of the Odessa region training courses, the 2nd year students of the Institute of Naval Forces of the National University ‘Odessa Maritime Academy’ hold a leadership course.

During five days, under the close supervision of instructors, sophomore practicing ‘training and combat tasks’, improving coherence, efficiency, organization in work and gaining important experience in tactical and fire training. But, first of all, they will be able to be in the role of commander-leader.

The uniqueness of this field is that the role of instructors is the cadets of the 4th year of the Institute of Naval Sciences of the OMA, which have already passed the course of leadership abroad, in particular in the UK and Poland, and received the corresponding certificates. Now they have the opportunity to convey the experience gained to their younger counterparts.

– Field time instructors prepared 16 diverse tasks and divided us into four teams. For each task, the commander of the group is determined, which must manifest itself as a true leader, and, upon completion, receive a well-deserved assessment. It is extremely interesting and non-standard. Especially it is pleasant that the instructors explain in detail in their own example how they were taught to act in the course of these tasks. It is a great opportunity for us to get an invaluable experience and to prove ourselves as a leader and commander, ‘says Yaroslav Golovanov, Senior Official, Temporary Acting Officer, Secondary Student.

As the students point out, during the performance of tasks special attention is paid to the formation of leadership qualities, because in the future they will be responsible not only for their own life, but also for the lives of their subordinates.

Therefore, this course of leadership aims to teach future commanders not to use various techniques, depending on the situation, to increase their morale-fighting qualities, in particular, courage, determination, confidence in their forces.

Information edition of the Ministry of Defense Information Agency (Odessa)