Nearly 300 marines in Kherson region received storm berets on the occasion of Ukraine’s Marine Corps Day

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On 23 December, on the occasion of the Ukrainian Marines’ Day at the Naval Base in Kherson Region, the military units and units of the Naval Forces of the Ukraine held a ceremonial ceremony – the creation of the Naval Corpsman’s Oath and receiving of berets in the Naval livery. Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyizhpapa, Commander of the Naval Forces of the Defence Forces of Ukraine, arrived to greet the special staff on the professional holiday, Lieutenant General Yuriy Sodol, commander of the Maritime Forces of Ukraine, the leadership of the Kherson, Mykolayiv and Donetsk regions, and representatives of volunteer and veteran organizations.

Approximately 300 servicemen, who had faced the trials and psychological hardships, took the Naval Marines’ Oath to join the ranks of the manly, strong and faithful for ever. A total of over 800 servicemen passed endurance, water and adversity trials in the period from 11 to 22 December and earned the right to wear the maritime helmet.
It was symbolic that the event took place on their professional holiday. The leader of the National Navy personally greeted the attendees on the 103rd anniversary of the establishment of the Ukrainian Marines and commended them for their courage and heroism displayed during the performance of the tasks for the deployment to the area of the United Forces’ operation.

Today we have a powerful unit, the Marines, who are able to carry out tasks both in the Maritime Forces and in a separate area,” Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, commander of the Maritime Forces of the Army of Ukraine, addressed the Marines. – We have a command of marines, separate brigades, battalions and artillery units of marines. And this friendly family will, at any moment, fulfil the most demanding tasks that will be assigned by the high command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. I am writing to you, to each of you! Vіrnі are always more than just words. I am loyal to my country, loyal to my family, loyal to the Marines, loyal to the Marines, loyal to yourselves. Thank you for your service! I am convinced that together we will definitely succeed!

During the clean-up campaign over 110 state commemorations and individual insignia, valuable gifts, tributes and diplomas were awarded. Among them there were 23 decorations for light injuries and 13 for serious injuries, 2 medals for “manhood” of the third rank, as well as about 30 decorations for civilian service.

A festive airdrop campaign was conducted by a group of servicemen from a separate Marine Corps brigade under the command of Major Mikhail Bilinski. Marines boarded from a helicopter of the Naval Aviation Brigade of the Navy of Ukraine while wearing the rank of the National Arms of Ukraine, the rank of the Navy of the Navy of the Ukraine and the rank of the Marine Corps.

Notified. In accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine ¹ 145/2018 the Day of the Marine Corps of Ukraine will be celebrated on 23rd of January. On this very day, more than a century ago, in 1918, Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky issued a decree to the Maritime Administration of Ukraine “On the beginning of the formation of the Maritime Infantry Brigade of three regiments for service”.

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