The Marines crossed the obstacle course

22 May 2020 ID:6419 Переглядів:5,417

More than two hundred servicemen of the brigade and battalions of marines overcame the psychological barrier of admission to the ritual of taking the oath of a marine and receiving a beret. The exams were held at one of the military training grounds. The length of the lane was 4.5 kilometers. Participants were divided into groups of 9-11 people. Marines overcame various obstacles, pushed armored personnel carriers, sailed on a boat on the pond, stormed the heights and overcame mazes and trenches. During the passage of the strip, it was mandatory for the Marines to perform various tactical elements in the offensive and defense. In order to organize and monitor the overcoming of the psychological obstacle course, the administration and instructors were appointed from among the most experienced and trained sergeants. Their responsibilities included monitoring the actions of the exam participants. Despite the difficulties, the personnel of the brigade and battalions were able to overcome the strip. Demonstrated the power of strength and spirit.

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