Naval aviators inflicted fire damage on ground targets

19 May 2020 ID:6366 Переглядів:4,138

In the Nikolaev area pilots of sea aviation crew carried out training flights with combat firing during flight shift. Two Mi-8 helicopters, which arrived last year, and a Mi-14 IF took part in the training.
The Mi-8 crews practiced a flight from the base to the test site, during which they carried out combat maneuvering, practical launches of unguided missiles and bombing targets.
For its part, the Mi-14PC worked out an element of radar search of a conventional enemy submarine and tactical bombing in a given area.
– When the brigade received modernized Mi-8 helicopters, it significantly expanded the range of possible tasks. That is why, in order to master the new equipment, the crews conducted training on inflicting fire damage on ground targets, – says the commander of the helicopter unit, senior lieutenant Roman Polekha. – For us, young officers, this is a very necessary experience.
Already at the test site, the crews also repeatedly practiced takeoffs and landings, flights in a circle, after which they received tasks from the command post regarding the targets that needed to be hit. There were two types of targets, namely, the imitation of a column of tanks on the march and the accumulation of enemy equipment.
It should be added that the instructors at the flight control center constantly changed both the input data and the shooting conditions.
– This made it much more difficult to aim, but at the same time made the training more intense and interesting, – adds the helicopter commander, senior lieutenant Valentyn Danylchenko. – Completion of such tasks allows you to gain experience that will allow you to successfully launch unmanned aerial weapons at any introductory, and in a short period of time.

Dmitry Zavtonov