Naval practice, tanking and obstacle course, or how fleet lyceum field training passes

11 Sep 2019 ID:4963 Переглядів:539

In the Naval Lyceum, training camps began with the departure to the training base in the city of Nikolaev and the Shirokolaniv all-military training ground. Within three days the lyceum students will consolidate the theoretical knowledge, which is being studied in the subjects of “Fatherland Defense” and “Maritime Training”.
They already had time to undergo a dinghy practice on fir trees and to complete the task of firing training. Also, one of the practice stages, which took place at the Navy Training Center, included training on special simulators. In particular, during the training on the simulator “Fight for survivability” guys in realistic conditions to work out the actions of the crew to eliminate fires, pipeline crashes, breakage of the hull and exit from the flooded compartment of the ship. But in the class of naval power plant and in the navigation class, equipped with a training complex of navigation, the Lyceum fully felt like real sailors. Because of the visualization system that reproduces the environment: water space, sea waves, shoreline, navigation structures, surface and moving aircraft, coastal objects, as well as realistically transmits any weather conditions, different atmospheric phenomena, time days – the guys seemed to be on a real battleship and passed all stages of mooring, towing, search and rescue and special operations. According to the young men, the experience they need will be necessary, because almost every pupil of the lyceum plans to choose a naval profession in the future.
But the most interesting for the lyceum students is waiting ahead.
– On the last day of our practice we will go to the landfill. There, each of the young men will pass a tank run, shoot all kinds of small arms and try their hand at the scout obstacle course. Such an intensive field training program helps them not only to consolidate their theoretical knowledge in practice, but it is also a psychological training that, in my opinion, will help the boys to make choices about their further training in military higher education, – says Colonel Defense Teacher stock of Valery Derevinsky.

Natalia Zadverniak, ArmyInform