Future elders of the national fleet told about the development of a professional sergeant corps in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

14 Jun 2019 ID:4354 Переглядів:1,402

In Odessa, on the basis of the Department of Military Training of the Maritime College of the Technical Fleet of the National University ‘Odessa Maritime Academy’, a lecture ‘Status and Prospects for the Development of the Professional Sergeant Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’ was held for the 1st year students.

The main goal of this event was the professionalization of cadets, which, upon graduation, will bear the main burden on the implementation of combat training and training personnel in divisions, providing day-to-day activities in peacetime and in a special period.

– Upon completion of the training, the students will receive an average level of professional training and in their moral and business qualities will be able to personally determine which position will be most productive in their work. But they should plan now, what can be achieved in the future, ‘said Stepan Kiselyov, the head of the squadron of the combat training unit of the Naval Forces Command of Ukraine’s Military Staff.

According to Acting Chief Major General of the national fleet of the main ship’s elder Gennady Ovchinnikov, this is the first meeting with college students in this format. He expressed the hope that in the future such work will become regular.

Information edition of the Information Agency of the Ministry of Defense (Odessa)