Cadets of the Naval Institute who are trained in the Romanian sailboat “MIRCEA”, went to the port of Brest

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Recall that since May 5, for the cadets of the Institute of Naval Forces of the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”, the elders of the 2 nd article of Roman Buyar and the elder of the 2 nd article of Michael Brychkar, began intensive marine practice aboard the training ship of the Naval Forces of Romania “MIRCEA »

Internship is conducted in accordance with the NATO Military Education Improvement Program (DEEP) and with the support of the Romanian Ministry of Defense.

While on a visit to Brest, where the most important military port of France in the Atlantic Ocean is located, our students were able to relax from a multi-dimensional maritime trip across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Ukrainian sailors along with other members of the sailing crew visited museums, memorable and historic sites of this picturesque city. In particular, they visited the important fortifications of the Middle Ages, the watchtower Tung Tangi, and Fort Berthamui. In addition, at the invitation of French sailors, our cadets managed to visit the naval base of the French Navy in the Atlantic Ocean.

The main purpose of the training practice on board the ship of the Romanian Navy is the practical improvement of maritime training and familiarization with the organization of the ship’s service according to NATO standards.

During maritime practice, Ukrainian sailors cadets daily on the issue of bearing duty at the main command post of the ship, interact with other members of the sailplane crew during tactical maneuvers, along with navigators developing a ship’s course, passing complex sea areas of the main routes of civil shipping.
Improve navigation skills, organization of service at sea and at the point of departure, train in the composition of martial combat calculations, work out issues of struggle for the survivability of the ship. In addition, cadets will improve their knowledge of naval theory and practice, as well as English language and maritime terminology of NATO.

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