Курсанти інституту ВМС проходять стажування на кораблях флотів держав-членів НАТО

27 Mar 2019 ID:4039 Переглядів:471

Within the framework of the NATO Military Education Improvement Program (DEEP), as well as on the basis of relevant bilateral cooperation plans, the students of the Naval Institute of the National University ‘Odessa Maritime Academy’ continue to undergo training on ships of naval fleets of the member states and partner countries of the North Atlantic Alliance .

In particular, today, March 26, Ilya Movchan, a cadet of the Ukrainian Naval Higher Educational Institution, began an internship in the direction of shipwreck on the Capricorn Minesweeper, a French naval minesweeper, who is currently in the Black Sea. The internship began with bilateral PASSEX exercises between the French warship and the missile boat of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‘Priluki’. The future officer directly participated and received invaluable experience in establishing interaction and working out joint maneuvers between the ships of the Ukrainian Navy and Alliance member countries.

Also, on the first day of the training, the cadet had the opportunity to get acquainted with the special equipment of the warship and the general organization of the crew’s work both in the regular mode and in the combat while searching for the mine barrier, as well as during the work of rescue measures on the signal ‘man overboard’. The internship will continue until the arrival of the French ship to the city of Toulon (French Republic).


Press Center Command of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine