Cadets of the Institute of the Navy explore advanced technologies in the interests of the Naval Forces of Ukraine

16 Dec 2020 ID:7988 Переглядів:18,871

The Institute of Naval Forces of the National University “Odessa Naval Academy” published a collection of scientific works of cadets “Advanced technologies in the interests of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” This is the third edition that unites the scientific achievements of university cadets.

According to senior lieutenant Dmytro Sandulyak, who is responsible for publishing the collection, the publication contains the results of scientific research carried out by cadets of the institute within the framework of participation in the military-scientific society. A significant part of them were prepared by undergraduates on the topics of qualification works, which will be submitted to the examination commission at the final certification.

The main topics of scientific research are the study of the peculiarities of the use of cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, radar and sonar systems, engineering barriers at sea, the efficiency of tasks by ships of various types, the prospects of Naval bases in Ukrainian ports and more. Some researchers paid attention to the issue of moral and psychological support of military teams and rehabilitation of ATO / OOS veterans.

Currently, many authors of articles in the collection take a comprehensive exam in special disciplines within the Final State Attestation of graduate cadets. In the near future they will have to defend their master’s theses before the members of the State Examination Commission headed by the Chief of Staff – Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vice Admiral Andriy Tarasov.

Photo by the OMA Institute of the Navy.
Volodymyr Vivat Correspondent ArmyInform