Cadets from the Naval Institute return from a 10-day boat trip

13 May 2021 ID:8693 Переглядів:4,829

Today, on 13th of August third-year students of Ukrainian Naval Forces Institute returned to Odessa from the boat trip on training boats “Smyla” and “Nova Kakhovka”. Naval officers of the future had traveled over 500 nautical miles of the Black Sea and the Danube River and visited Zmiyinyi Island and the town of Izmayil.

Overall, during the tour the cadets improved their skills of ship’s service and raised the level of their professional skills in their specialities. The soldiers regularly practiced elements of combat training, took part in shipboard exercises, and observed the maintenance of armor and military equipment, fighting for survivability, navigational safety, day and night navigation of boats in the tactical group, peculiarities of the passage of waterways, etc. Apart from training for specialization, duties of cadets included organization of shift service, fighting and everyday activities, both in standard and emergency situations, as well as protection and defense boats on the move and parking at an unprotected road.

Sailing on national naval vessels of the Ukrainian Forces is an inseparable part of the training at the Naval Institute. For cadets, it is a possibility to enhance educational and professional training, develop personal and professional qualities. Being exposed to the sea is disciplined, teaches you how to be a military leader for the enlisted and helps you get started,” said Naval Academy Interim Chief of Staff Captain 1st Class Maxim Kryliakidy.

The importance of the practical component of the training lies in familiarizing the cadets with the functional duties required for future officer positions, developing leadership skills and the ability to make independent decisions when carrying out combat missions.

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