The course on the combat viability range is mandatory for every Navy

6 Sep 2019 ID:4900 Переглядів:550

In Nikolaev, on the basis of the Naval Forces Training Center, the professional training of servicemen deployed for service on Ukrainian Navy ships is being completed. After the launch of a state-of-the-art battlefield for the ship’s viability last year, classes are a must. This rule applies not only to those who have just joined the Navy, but also to those who have been on board ships for several years but have not received training at the range.
According to the chief of training ground of the senior midshipman Volodymyr Voynalovich, military personnel train both personally and as part of emergency parties, work out the issues of fighting water and fire under various conditions.
– Now we are simulating on-board damage from artillery shells of various caliber, as well as leaks. During the elimination of the consequences of these damages, the servicemen make the standards for the installation of a sliding stop and a belt rope, at any moment we can complicate the task, increase the pressure of water or open another hole, – says the head of the training ground senior midshipman Vladimir Voynalovich.
It should be noted that due to the improvement of the educational and material base, the management of the Training Center is constantly working on improving the practical component of the educational process. It is a training ground for survivability, and modern simulators for training various ship specialists, navigation classes, etc., and from this year also classes on firs with exits to the Southern Bug River.
– For more than two years, I served on the Hetman Sagaidachny frigate, and now I have been transferred to a new Centaur-type boat by a mechanic. Two years ago I signed a contract and immediately went to serve on a ship, and now I have to undergo professional training to get a specialty, – says sailor Vyacheslav Karyakin.
Recall that the training ground for the fight for the survival of the ship began its work in September last year. It is the only in Ukraine simulator that allows to carry out in realistic conditions the practical working of the actions of the crew of a ship with the use of rescue and rescue property in the fight against local fires and volumetric fires, flooding inside the hull in case of accidental damage of the outer shell of the ship or shelling , elimination of holes and exits from the flooded compartment of the ship. The sailors’ actions are monitored with the help of video cameras, which gives an opportunity to analyze the actions carried out in detail to further complete all tasks.